Why I joined Slimming World?

So, why did I join Slimming World?

I've tried many diets and failed but since joining Slimming World, I've realised it was because they just were not suitable for me. I've tried the Cayenne pepper and lemon juice diet, skipping meals, Weight Watchers (3 times), counting calories and the list goes on.

I lack will power, so a diet where I have to drink a liquid mixture made the days feel longer, made me miserable and put on weight due to giving up and eating everything in sight because I was so hungry. Skipping meals was just silly. Weight Watchers did work, but I think the most I ever lost was 7lb in a few weeks but then I'd stop being bothered to work out the points for everything I ate. Counting Calories did work as I mention in the next paragraph but I wasn't really concentrating on healthy eating, rather how much junk could I 'get away' with eating in one day to still lose weight.

In 2014, I lost 2 stone on my own, but it took me the whole year and I did this using an app called MyFitness Pal, where you could input what you weighed, and how much you wanted to weigh to be shown a healthy number of calories to consume per day in order to lose weight. I didn't do much exercise and I put on 1/2 stone over Christmas and New Year, still I was pleased with a 1 and a half stone loss.

Like most people, I made a New Year's Resolution for 2015 to get back to loosing weight, but I wasn't sure how - I needed the motivation. That's when a friend (who has a brain tumour) suggested I get sponsored to lose weight which would benefit both myself and The Brain Tumor Charity.

Wanting to lose weight properly, i.e. no quick fixes which would be cheating really, and wanting to have an unbiased person record my loss, I decided to join Slimming World. Ironically I looked into joining Weight Watchers which I had used in the past, but they didn't have a class near me and so I looked up Slimming World and there was a class just a short walk from me, and it turned out to be better than Weight Watchers. So below I share my on going journey.

Btw you can see my current weight loss in the right hand side column

UPDATE: June 2016 - so...after my charity weight loss finished I had lost around 3st but slowly I've put the weight back on due to various reasons...I'm not giving up and I started again 23rd June 2016 online. My posts are honest, not everyone loses weight every week and easily and I hope with my posts it helps those in a similar situation to me.

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