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Mixing up the Slimming World plan

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I was going to go back to group, but after seeing posts by various people about the stress and anxiety that comes with 'weigh day' I've decided not to go back to group to take off the pressure. Instead I'm going to use the membership fee for a gym membership.

What also made me make my decision is that I want to be able to have a crossiant for breakfast or a glass of prosecco (in the evening, not breakfast!) without counting the syns for them. I begrudge spending syns on things that aren't chocolate or cake lol

I'm not giving up on Slimming World, as it has taught me what I need for a balanced diet so I will make sure I have milk/cheese (healthy a) and something wholemeal/fibre (healthy b) each day, although I won't be measuring. I want to have smoothies instead of eating fruit in this cold weather. I don't care what people say about the sugar content, in moderation it is fine. I will continue to drink lots of water and aim for a minimum of 5 portions of fruit/veg per day. I love lots of the Slimming World recipes and when I do want to cook something from scratch I will adapt recipes to make them healthy just like Slimming World.

Moderation is what I'm aiming for but I think I'm done trying to follow a diet plan 100%, I can pull bits from Slimming World to suit people and help me lose weight happily.

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