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Mexican Bake - Healthy Comfort Food

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It's getting colder so it's natural to turn to warm comfort food. I have a pinboard of Slimming World savoury dishes I'd like to try and this mexican bake was one of them. I got a little confused with the american measurements and ended up adding more beans than needed and next time I'd add more potato.

Great to have for lunch and dinner. I had a portion with a dollop of sour cream and chive dip, delicious. 

Here is the recipe, it's bascially peppers, bean, potatoes, sweetcorn, fryed and mixed with tomato puree and spices plus eggs and baked in the oven.

I did a syn version and used proper oil as I think it needed it, trying to fry onions and garlic on their own can just burn it...well it does with me but the amount you need compared to the portions you get out of it works out to be around 2-3 syns a portion. I also added my own cheese so add extra syns for that too.

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