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Loosing Weight Isn't Enough

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The more education and research we have on health and fitness, the more I realise that to have a healthy body you need to not only be a healthy weight for your height/frame but you need to be fit, you need to get your blood pumping.

There's so many benefits in getting up and moving, and I've been so lazy recently even though I know how much better I feel when I've been active.

More of my friends are competing in races from half marathons to mud races and although running is something I find utterly boring I pass on offers to go to cardio classes because I don't think I could actually keep up, I'm just not fit enough.

I follow some people on Instagram who also do Slimming World and they'll say that they've lost 5 stone without doing exercise. Although I think it's great they've lost that much, it's not great that they haven't exercised as they are still unfit and with us living longer I want to be in great health for as long as possible and not suffer from side effects of being lazy etc

I will never be a fitness freak, I will have days where I will be a couch potato and relax, but my goal is to get a flat stomach, toned arms, legs and bum and get to a point where I take up a sport as a hobby.

I will never be a person that restricts what they eat and when and becomes miserable, but I will restrict the number of times I fall off plan by putting things in place to keep me on track as much as possible. To me the longer I'm over weight the longer I put my life on hold.