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Chocolate Treat Club

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Chocolate is my favourite treat and I found on Instagram an introductory offer for my first chocolate box from James Chocolates

Upon registration you select the type of chocolate you like e.g. milk, dark, mint, coffee etc. I received 3 treat sized portions of chocolate slabs: white chocolate vanilla, crunchy nut praline and salted caramel, plus a handful of GIANT mint chocolate buttons.

The box is beautifully decorated and it adds to the excitement of opening.

2 of the slabs were broken, but I suspect that happened as the box was put through the letterbox. The buttons are my absolute favourite and I would go out of my way to buy those again. The chocolate slabs that I've tasted are delicious and creamy - the chocolate quality is better than thorntons in my opinion. The salted caramel could have been a bit more salty for my preference.

So would I recommend to subscribe?

On taste, yes but on price (£8.99 per box) no, as it's a tad expensive for what I could buy for £8.99. However if you were looking for a gift for someone who loves chocolate then this would be a good idea.

If you would like to try a box for £2.99 then enter the code: IN50 when asked