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Matched Betting - July 2016

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As you will see from my first post about Matched Betting including my results from June 2016, I've made a profit of £69.90 and with the £22.99 membership fee that makes £46.91. I'm deducting membership so that it comes from my profits rather than my wages.

Now I need a new goal for July, which is to again make another £22.99 to cover the membership cost due to be taken later in the month plus I'd like to earn an additional £50 profit.

I had news this morning that my car, that I only paid £250 for, needs £400 of work, which I'm not going to pay as that's silly but instead I'll buy a new car in November so I need as much money from Matched Betting as I can.

Update 5th July: So I've made enough profit to cover the next £22.99 fee plus £11.39 for me, this will be increased tonight and tomorrow as I have two bets currently waiting to be settled.

Update 7th July: I've now made a total of £219.09 profit in the first week of july. I'm still really shocked but now I'm going to set a proper target. Profit accumulator says you can earn between £1000-£2000 a month. I'm going to aim for £1000.

Update 9th July: Since the last update TWO DAYS AGO, my profit

for July is £375. To be fair this was mainly due to a random bet I made on an american football game where I bet £10 and won £190...but without this win I still would have made a profit overall.

Update 13th July: Total in July now is £422.24...I'm so excited and now my mum would like me to set up an account for her. She keeps saying "...and you haven't lost any money..?" No mum I haven't. She's spending the 'money' in her head already. I'm still putting mine away in my savings...I'm a bridesmaid next year, and I'm going on holiday too plus I need a new car so unfortunately as much as I would like to blow this money I need it for other things.

Update 20th July: Total in July made is now £594.58. Ok so I have spent around £150 on treats, it's been an expensive month with 3 birthdays but that's it..each month I will treat myself and keep around £50 to spend on myself. To be honest I'm not putting on as many bets as I should to be making near to £2000 a month but I will be making more of an effort now. 

July Profit: £734.86 and with £22.99 membership fee that makes £711.87

Take a look at the original Matched Betting post to see my profit total since the beginning