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Matched Betting - Can you make money?

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Matched betting is something I've seen various site owners testing out as a way of making money. I don't understand betting at all but I was referred to ProfitAccumulator 

At first I thought it was a scam, as sites that claim you won't have to worry about money again or charge you to use their site are usually too good to be true...however I did my research and found that users on Netmums have verified it and Martin Lewis (money saving expert) has given it the 'go ahead'

I watched the video on how it works and still don't fully understand but I gave it a go. I can't say truly if it works as the the football games I've bet on haven't finished yet so we'll see, but because I'm impaitent I at least made a bet on games that were playing tonight, so I shall see tomorrow.

UPDATE: I've woken up this morning and I'm overall in profit of £9.99. I didn't follow the instruction exactly and should have made £16 profit but I've still made a profit...below are the screen shots of both my Coral and Betfair accounts respectively so you can see. I'm not off to place some more bets..wish me luck.

coral profit and loss


Betfair profit and loss

You need money to make money, I've so far 'invested' (wisely I hope) £25 and if I make a profit I will reuse my winnings to bet again.

Oh and about paying to use the site, you can use it free for a trial run and then if you wish to continue there are two payment options. I do understand why this is because the site has a calculator which works out how much you should bet down to the 1p, you wouldn't be able to work this out yourself.

I'd be interested to hear how others have done :)

Update: 27th June - Ok after making a few bets incorrectly I've still managed to make a profit overall but not as much as I was meant to and I put this down to me. I am convinced by this programme so I have decided to upgrade from free trial to monthly membership of £22.99 which can be cancelled at any time and a refund can be given if you are unable to make a profit. 

In total over 3 betting accounts I've deposited £35 and today my balance of cash that I can withdraw from those accounts combined is £48.99, so that's £13.99 profit. If I had done things properly I should have made £45 profit, however I've made a profit so the scheme does work.

Now my goal throughout July is to make back the £22.99 membership fee plus an additional £20. Being a paying member you can expect to earn £1000+ a month but that depends on the size of the stakes you put on, I'm quite happy earning an extra £50-£100 a month until I'm confident to bet bigger stakes.

Update 1st July: I've completed my goal to make back the £22.99 membership fee and an additional £20. From the matched betting and a last minute casino win last night I've made £69.90 profit from what I've deposited to the bookmakers and casino sites. Take away £22.99 membership fee and overall my profit is: £46.91. 

Instead of continuing with updates on this post and making it longer, take this post to be the introduction to Matched Betting and June 2016 Updates. You'll be able to find posts per month with my updates and discussion on how easy or hard I found it. I will add below what my total profit to date is.

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Total proft to date: £909.05

To sign up to Profit Accumulator with a free trial or paid membership please use my referral link: