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The Selfie Lottery

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the selfie lottery

The Selfie Lottery is just as it says a lottery that you can win with your selfie. It's so easy to set up, just create an account, upload a selfie (I connected my Facebook account so it took the pic from that if you ask it to) and you will be automatically entered in the daily draw of £10....but only get the money if you logon to the site and claim your winnings on the day you win. If you don't then the £10 is rolled over to the next day and so on until a winner claims the prize pot. Furthermore each time you logon to check if you are the winner 50p is added to your loyalty bonus which is paid out if you win. You get a notification each day to check anyway so you wouldn't forget.

selfie lottery stats

There's more !!! If you refer a friend to sign up and they win, you win £££ too !!! To date none of my friends have signed up, and I really don't understand why because there's no cost to it, perhaps they cant be bothered, but when I have a chance to win money for free I'm there lol.

To join up, please do so via my referral link: