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FREE Chocolate with Shopmium

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shopmium app

I've using a new app to get food and drink for free. It's simple, register an account with the Shopmium app on your mobile and when asked enter the code: KMYGYUEM

By entering this code you will be able to receive a free 100g bar of Green & Blacks chocolate, I picked white chocolate.


The Shopmium app is one of my favourites for getting freebies because once you have bought the item and snapped your receipt you can receive a refund to your chosen method of payment within a couple of days. Other apps I use will refund you once you reach a minimum amount.

As well as freebies you can also get partial refunds for foods and drinks making your shopping bill cheaper. 

Another perk is that for each friend you refer using your code signs up and makes a purchase you receive £3 in credits. If I read right you will receive these credits as follows:

If you purchase an item that costs £1 and Shopmium are offering 50% back then Shopmium will pay you 50p and then you will receive 50p from your £3 credits, so your credits will help you get more items free.

I have referred 44 people, 11 of which have made a purchase so I have £33 in credits to use. I also have £57 which has been paid out via PayPal of the products I have purchased

I've already purchased and received refund back for Nutella & Go, drinks, cereal etc.


The only negative and it's a small negative is that new offers only really seemed to be added when you've completed an offer, it's as if there are only a certain number allowed to be offered at one time. Update 16th October - offers seems to be added more frequently now