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The Street Lottery

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the street lottery

I came across this site via Free Birthdate Lottery and until the end of April so you have 2 day left !!! you can be entered to win $50 if you confirm you are a member of both the Free Birthday Lottery and The Street Lottery.  

Main Draw

  • The Street Lottery offers members a prize of $5 if the street they registered is announced as the winner. This is a daily prizedraw.
  • If the winner does not claim their $5 that day then the money rolls over to the next really you want to hope that people don't check the results.
  • As you may have noticed the prize draw is in '$' this is because The Street Lottery is an american site but UK members are permitted..yes this does mean that the chances of winning are slim but you never have a chance if you are not registered.
  • Your prize is paid via PayPal
  • For each day that you check the results you receive an entry into a monthly prize draw.

Monthly Prize Draw

  • Takes place 1st of each month
  • Winner must claim on the first or the prize money rolls over to the following month
  • The prize amount if the total of unclaimed referral commissions

Referral Commissions

You can earn commission when the person you referral to join the site wins and they claim their prize. It's these unclaimed commissions that are added to the Monthly Prize Draw

TSL Dice

  • A weekly chance to win $5
  • Highest score win
  • Each week you start with a score of 1, you can then bet on when the next throw of the dice will be odd, even etc
  • I started playing this and gave up, looking at the current scores there are some serious players lol, but still if you have time to spare..

To join The Street Lottery please sign up via my referral code: