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Quidco & ClickSnap

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Quidco and Clicksnap are part of the same company.

Starting with Quidco...this is a cashback site similar to TopCashback where you can earn cash from shopping via the search function on the site. So you might ask why do I bother with Quidco if I use TopCashback? Here's where my savvy head comes in. I check out which site can offer me the most cashback at the time and not all sites are affiliated with both cashback sites, they might just be on one cashback site.

You can also earn cashback in store by registering your debit and credit cards on Quidco. I'm not sure if this is in all shops or certain shops, but at least you don't have to do anything to get cashback except register your card.

My main source of cashback from shopping is normally Topcashback but I do compare and see which site is offering more and sometimes I find that there is an offer on Quidco that Topcashback isn't offering.

I've earned £64.16 since May 2016

..Quidco Opinions

Answering surveys and receiving cashback for it. If you already have a Quidco account you need to sign up to be on the Quidco panel. Every Quidco member is accepted but the number of surveys you receive depends on your personal profile.. i.e. If you have kids, you'll have surveys related to kids etc. The profile questions are long, but if you don't answer them you won't receive surveys so just get it done with it.

I haven't earned money from the surveys yet, I've not been what they wanted so far.

Moving on to ClickSnap

ClickSnap is an app you can download on your mobile device, similar to Receipt Hog and Checkout Smart but your ClickSnap is connected to Quidco so that cash earned from both places is added together. Quidco and checkout smart of part of the same company so you can't e.g. buy one product and try to redeem on both quidco and checkoutsmart you'd need to buy two products on two different receipts and redeem separately. You also earn 1p per receipt that you upload. In total I have earned £28.14 from redeeming offers and receipt uploads.

quidco total

Minimum payout is £1 and you can withdraw with Paypal, bank account or amazon.

If you would like to join Quidco please sign up via my referral link: