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Cauliflower Creations

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I came across a Facebook Page called: Cauliflower Creations which gives ideas on using cauliflower as the main component with Slimming World in mind. Before Slimming World, cauliflower was just cauliflower, I never knew or imagined it could be used as a pizza base. With supermarkets introducing cauliflower cous cous it's now a food trend. By the way don't you think the ready blended cauliflower is a bit picklely? It's most likely to preserve the cauliflower but I think if you're going to spend time making something from the cauliflower use a fresh one.

I keep saying I will try some recipes and from the Facebook page it suggests that it's good to use as a substitute for bread. I really want to try this cauliflower garlic bread

cauliflower garlic bread

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Why are Slimming World members going nuts over cauliflower? Well it's a speed food so if you can use it as cous cous/rice, bread type foods etc then it's a win win and easy to do an sp day.

There are also benefits to cauliflower too...

cauliflower benefits


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If you have full recipes, then I'd like to hear from you, post your link below :)