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OnePulse is an app for answering quick surveys where you can either earn points or cash.

I currently have £4.70 and my username is sassysue if you wish to connect with me. I think there might be a referral part so please enter my username if you are asked...thanks in advance.

Good points

  • Surveys can take seconds to complete with an average of 3 questions needing one selected answer. 
  • Surveys that do pay out are a generous amount for the time you spend answering the questions
  • If a surveys says it will pay you it does regardless of whether you are suitable for the company conducting the survey
  • You receive a push notification on your mobile device when a paid survey is available
  • Low minimum payout of £5

Bad Points

  • Not every survey will give you payment, but will give you points that you need to build up. The more points you collect, the more paid surveys you receive
  • You need to answer the paid surveys asap as only a certain number of respondants are required
  • You don't receive notification on unpaid surveys but I suppose they expect you to check in without being prompted
  • OnePulse only available via Apple Store or Play Store