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Opinion Outpost

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Opinion Outpost is a survey site offering points per completed survey...the surveys can be long and I suppose they count of people to give up, but if you can stick with it you can cash out money in no time...I just have!

I've cashed out £8.75. My new point total is 15

1 point = £0.05 and you can cash out when you have at least 50 points = £2.50. My 75 points = £3.75 not bad for doing so little. The cash is withdrawn via PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account.

Considering you earn an average 10-15 points per survey you can cash out pretty quickly.

opinion outpost rewards

If you don't want cash you can opt for an Amazon voucher with a minimum of 50 points or an iTunes gift card for 200 points.

Furthermore after each survey you are given an entry into a quarterly prize draw to win £5000 and you can 'buy' more entries using your points if you wish.

On Facebook? You can be in with the chance to win £25 Amazon voucher every week by commenting on their Facebook will also need to be a fan of their page: