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Different Types of Fat People

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this morning bodyshamers

Did you see This Morning on Tuesday where they did a section on bodyshaming of overweight people, in particular obese ladies. I think we all judge at some point, it's human nature, but there's judging within your brain and then there's sharing your judgement to someone's face or with todays technology being an internet troll. 

The ladies on This Morning wanted to point out that they are confident and happy with how they are...and although that's great for them, they are not promoting healthy living and it's sections like this on these programmes that get people saying this 'Eat less, exercise's that simple ' NO, NO, NO it isn't and I'm not just saying this because I'm overweight and trying to lose the weight. 

There are different types of fat people (now there might be more, but these are just some to make you understand)

balanced diet

1. Bad eating habits and no exercise

There are people who do eat unhealthy food as the majority of their diet and don't do any or little exercise. This could be because they aren't bothered with putting on weight or genuinely don't realise that their food choices are that bad for them as if they might have grown up with a bad diet or just fallen into bad habits. Not everyone is fortunate to understand what a balanced diet is. Now for these people, yes the saying 'eat less, exercise more' may be the answer, however if they've had a bad diet for years, you can't just change will take time, just like not everyone can quit smoking in one day. 

Actually, while I mention 'Eat less, exercise more' I don't agree with the saying and I think it's misleading...shouldn't it be 'Eat right and exercise' as in eat a healthy balanced diet. Some people need to eat a lot depending on the exercise they I think this is a little confusing.

2. Medical Conditions

There are medical conditions, medications etc where the side effect is weight gain and it's uncontrollable, so telling these people to just 'eat less, exercise' more is insulting, ignornant and just not helpful. 


3. The comfort Eater

By comfort eating, I don't mean having a takeaway or being a bit naughty with your treats occasionally, I mean huge binges which can be how people deal with certain situations e.g. I suffer with depression, I sometimes get stressed and the answer to me is eating whether I'm hungry or not. It is just like someone who can't eat for days, like someone who hits the bottle(s), like someone who smokes cigarette after cigarette. If you think about it we all have something that we do to COPE with a certain situation...and for people like me who use food (not that I chose it that way) we are shamed because you can see a physical change i.e. weight gain and people just assume we eat cake and pizza all day while sitting on the sofa.

The best way to describe this comfort eating is like an addiction, you don't tell an alcoholic to just drink's not that easy, you need to work out why you are needing that comfort, what you could do to change your way of thinking etc. For me I've found Slimming World helps as I eat healthily but I can still have my comfort foods but in a measured amount and yes some times I go off plan and have a binge but I'm getting better at not having so many binges and as the more weight comes off, the less times I suffer with depression.

The other side

Many comments from This Morning was from people who were not overweight and how they can often be judged on being skinny/thin etc and how that doesn't seem to be a big deal. I hold my hands up and I've used the skinny word to people not realising that word is just as bad as using the word obese. I think it's because in society..being thin/skinny is seen as something to aspire too, articles are about losing one wants to be fat. Likewise with overweight people, you don't know that a thin looking person could have trouble putting on weight no matter how much crap they eat, they might be going through depression and can't eat etc or just naturally slim.

So let's just aim to be healthy and next time you want to judge someone to their face or comment on the internet, just remember that unless you have been one types of people mentioned above you have no idea what you are talking about, that person might be going through a weight loss journey, they might be going through a difficult situation and can't eat or just don't give a damn what you think and are living their life how they want. Most importantly remember how perfect you are ! lol