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Free Birth Date Lottery

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 birthdate lottery

You can win money with your date of birth on You can also earn points to play games which can also result in you winning money.

Birthday Draw

  • 11am daily
  • £5 prize but £10 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • All birth dates registered on the site are entered into this draw
  • Prize money can be withdrawn straight away

Then there are different games like scratch cards and bingo where you can spend penguin points to win credits (i.e. cash) 

Update 27th April 2016: Credit £11.53


How to earn more credit

  • Share the site on Twitter (1p), Facebook (5p) plus earn an additional 1p per person that clicks on the link you shared.
  • Earn 1p for each person that clicks on your referral link from other social media and email.

Credit can be withdrawn when you win the main draw, if you're lucky like me and joined the site early on, I can withdraw when I reach £50. I hope they bring this back for the newbies too.

How to earn more Penguin Points

  • Page view (5 points each, max 15 per day)
  • Daily visit (20 points per day)
  • Blog post view (5 points each, max 15 per day)
  • FAQ page view (5 points each, max 15 per day)
  • Comment on our site (5 points each, max 25 per day)
  • Play a free game (5 points each)

Right, well I'm off to see if I can win today, why don't you join too: