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toluna march

Toluna is a survey site where you are paid to answer surveys in the form of points. Surveys are based on your lifestyle and habits so e.g. a recent survey I answered was about my mobile usage. Recently Toluna introduced an app for their site where you can earn additional 500 points for every survey you complete and between 500-1000 points for one piece of content you write for the site.

Profile Surveys

When you join up you are given 100 point for profile surveys you answer and these are about Toluna getting to know you so that they can provide future surveys with you in mind. I don't have kids, so there's no point Toluna sending me surveys about kids. These surveys take around 5 minutes to complete each.

Other surveys

There are some quick surveys and some surveys that can take up to 30 minutes to complete, but you will be told at the start how long it is expected to take. You can earn between 15-50,000 points.

Survey Incentive

Answering surveys to be entered into a prize draw



The points can be exchanged for gift cards, goodies, additional prize draw entries and viritual gifts (that could become real). I've already cashed out 50,000 points which gave me 2 x £5 giftcards. Points are only valid for 16 months from the date you earned them and I've managed to cash out before the 16 months. I'm now working towards get 2 x £5 Toni and Guy giftcards to get my hair done..I'm at 16,306/50,000

Testing Products

As well as surveys you can also test products from big brands, you can opt to try the products but you will be selected randomly according to how much you do on the site e.g. write content



1. There are plenty of surveys

2. You can exchange your points for many rewards including gift cards for high street shops and cash into your PayPal account.

3. There is a mobile app so you can earn points on the go....especially if you get public transport to and from work and you're stuck in traffic.

4. You can also use points by referring your friends but connecting facebook and twitter doesn't seem to be working for me so I will need to get in touch with Toluna to figure that out.


1. Points have an expiry date, so you will need to answer surveys regularly to not miss out on opportunities

2. You need a lot of points before you exchange them for a reward, so it could actually be a year before you can see the benefit

3. Some surveys will appear available but when you click on them they may have already been filled as companies have a quota...the good thing is though you don't answers tonnes of questions before you're told you are not suitable.

4. So far I've been waiting 10 days for the giftcards I've requested