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Perk TV

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 perk tv

Just happen to see this app on the Google Play store and thought I would give it a go...and it's one I wish I had found about earlier. It's such an easy way to make money. As suggested in the title 'Perk TV' you earn perks for watching tv. You can watch film previews, adverts for app (usually games) and other commercials. For each advert that you watch you earn between 1 and 2 Perk Points and 10,000 Perk Points equates to £10 via PayPal.

Yes that means you would need to watch between 5000 and 10,000 adverts but there's no questions at the end so you don't need to watch intensely and keep notes. I had to go to the shops and so I just left it running to see what it would do and 20 minutes laters the videos were still playing and I was still earning points.

You can also earn 50 coins per rating that you give if you wish to and all you need to do is the click the thumbs up or thumbs down. These coins can be used to enter prize draws


1. No thinking involved

2. The app is simple to use



1. It will take a looong time to earn money

2. There are never any prize draws available to enter using the coins...but I've only been using the app a couple of days so I'll see what it's like in the next few weeks.

3. As I've just found out, the points expire if you don't use them by a certain time so I must keep an eye on that.