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Make money from your unwanted Christmas Presents

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unwanted gifts

We all get presents we either don't want and I bet you'll just put these unwanted gifts in a cupboard and forget about them. Right now is a good time to sell those unwanted gifts as people would have received money for Christmas and are looking to buy themselves their own Christmas gifts.

Here are a few options:

1. If you're on Facebook, find your local 'Things for sale' page and post a picture with the price you would like. I like using these sites because it's free to use and you can 'bump' your post once a day so you don't have to repost your listing. Tip: 'bump' means when you comment on your listing, it goes to the top of the facebook page. Make sure you read the rules of the page you are using, some admins..well you'll get to know, need to stop taking the page so seriously lol.

2. If you're not having much luck selling on Facebook, or don't trust it, try ebay

3. If you can't be bothered to take photos and list your unwanted gifts then you could always re-gift them, just remember who gave them to you or donate to charity.

Don't feel guilty about selling or re-gifting gifts you receive, surely that's better than letting it gather dust!