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FreebieSiteUK - Disappointing

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On first look of this site, it looks great and I'm optimistic that I'll find lots of great freebies. Well I did but when I searched by category there were lots of out of date offers - 3 years in fact, so it doesn't look like the owners of the page update things.

Next to each offer there is a 'Get freebie' but some of these offers were to enter a competition so a little deceiving about getting an instant freebie.

I'd advice if you are going to use this site to just skim through the homepage offers and don't bother searching for particular things as you'll only waste your time when you come across what you think is a great freebie and it's no longer available to claim.

I did manage to order a sample of Garnier Ultralift day cream and a sample of comfort - I'll let you know if they arrive.

UPDATE: 9th October - no sign of any freebies yet

Update: 24th October - received comfort and garnier but not the shower timer