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Earn £50 with YouGov

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YouGov, is a survey site, collecting real opinions and data from the general public on topics that affect us daily. It can relate to public affairs, politics etc. Answers are used in tv programmes, and newspaper articles. I noticed 8 out of 10 cats using the answers from polls. You'll probably notice the credit for YouGov now you know about them.


I've already received  3 x £50 and I'm currently working towards another £50. I'm at £12.25. Ok so actually as you can tell by the picture it's points..that's because you can either exchange points for tickets to win money or exchange points for cash - I choose cash as it's guaranteed.

screenshot 2015-09-17 00.21.24


Per survey, the average amount I earn is 50 points = 50p

You can choose to keep the points or enter them into a monthly competition to win even more points or big cash prizes - see the details here:


1. Surveys are frequent, and you can set up on your account how frequent you wish to answer the surveys. I can answer 3 in a week and sometimes there are no surveys for a couple of weeks. This means you can answer every survey going.

2. Even if you don't meet the criteria to complete the survey, you still receive the points, unlike many survey sites where you've spent ages to be rejected and penniless lol.

3. Surveys are quite straight forward...normally you just have to select an answer with the occasional opinion for you to input.

4. They are fairly quick surveys

5. The points are added to your account straightaway

6. You can earn extra points when you refer someone to join and they answer at least 6 surveys - you can join via my referral link here:


1. It can take around 2 years to earn £50 - but don't let that put you off, as a few minutes here and there is nothing.

2. Minimum payout is £50 but in a way that is better than withdrawing pounds here and there, think what you could do with £50 in one payment? I would either put it towards a night out with friends/family or treat myself to a new dress.

The pros clearly outweight the cons so what are you waiting for sign up today...via my referral link pretty please :)