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Earn more Clubcard Points

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I shop mainly at Tesco because of convenience, and the clubcard benefits do help. I love the clubcard boost. This year alone I've exchanged clubcard vouchers for 2 x ICHF tickets at the Birmingham NEC - I wish to attend Cake International this year in November so I've saved money there, plus with a holiday I exchanged £5 clubcard voucher for £10 Tesco clothing voucher and bought a beautiful dress, tops and sandals in the sale....bargain.

So how can you earn more points? Have you noticed at the bottom of your receipt it says " A chance to win a £1000 giftcard by telling us about your trip at...." and you earn 25 clubcard points everytime.

This might sound like a small amount, but actually it adds up.

I shop at Tesco at least twice a week,

that's 50 points a week,

Approximately 200 points a month,

Clubcard statements are issued every 3 months so that's approximately 600 points

This equals £6

Per year that's approximately £6 x (4 lots of 3 months) = £24 in clubcard vouchers!!!

Plus you gain numerous entries to win a £1000 Tesco giftcard.

Another good reason to complete the survey is to raise any issues/feedback you have with a particular store, e.g. I mentioned that a particular product I received a voucher for wasn't an item that my store stocked - the following week it was.

Don't forget you can earn more money or entry into a competition for money by uploading your reciept using the Checkout Smart App