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Checkout Smart App

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Sort of a way of making money....more like getting a full or partial refund on things you buy in the supermarkets. However you can earn money for uploading a photo of your receipt to the app.

Checkout Smart


How does it work?

So you check out what the offers are, shop for them, then upload your receipt and wait for the money to be added to your account. You can then withdraw the money when you've earnt at least a £1 and 5% handling fee is taken or you can wait till you have earnt £20 and there is no fee.

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My earnings to date

£50.56 from 25th July 2015


My review

I've found the app really easy to use, and money is added to my account within 48 hours, sometimes within a few minutes. There are around 30 shops who participate including Tesco, B&M, Lloyds Pharmacy. I've only had one receipt that hasn't been accepted but I'll be getting in touch to try to sort it out.

Overall I recommend downloading this app NOW !!