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  1. What do you eat after weigh-in?

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    Every thursday night when I get home after weigh-in, regardless of whether the result has been good or bad I treat myself and eat what I like. This usually involves junk food so high in syns that I couldn't possibly eat it during the week.

    As long as I tidy away the food before I go to bed then I shouldn't relapse on Friday. Tonight in group, my leader talked about being careful about what you eat after weigh-in and not letting what you eat ruin your new week on plan.

    Actually thinking about this....there is no need for me to have a binge because in the last few weeks I've just not craved it, but I've programmed my brain to just do it. Tonight I did have a binge and I threw up a bit and feel extremely full as I literally ate very fast. Next week I'm going to make sure that I have a Syn free dinner waiting for me when I get back home and if I feel like it after I can have 1 or 2 chocolate bars...but not attempt to beat a world record....I'm not in an eating contest.

    So what do you do?