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  1. Cauliflower Creations

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    I came across a Facebook Page called: Cauliflower Creations which gives ideas on using cauliflower as the main component with Slimming World in mind. Before Slimming World, cauliflower was just cauliflower, I never knew or imagined it could be used as a pizza base. With supermarkets introducing cauliflower cous cous it's now a food trend. By the way don't you think the ready blended cauliflower is a bit picklely? It's most likely to preserve the cauliflower but I think if you're going to spend time making something from the cauliflower use a fresh one.

  2. Different Types of Fat People

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    this morning bodyshamers

    Did you see This Morning on Tuesday where they did a section on bodyshaming of overweight people, in particular obese ladies. I think we all judge at some point, it's human nature, but there's judging within your brain and then there's sharing your judgement to someone's face or with todays technology being an internet troll. 

    The ladies on This Morning wanted to point out that they are confident and happy with how they are...and although that's great for them, they are not promoting healthy living and it's sections like this on these programmes that get people saying this 'Eat less, exercise's that simple ' NO, NO, NO it isn't and I'm not just saying this because I'm overweight and trying to lose the weight. 

    There are different types of fat people (now there might be more, but these are just some to make you understand)