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  1. Davina's DVD have got harder!!

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    davina dvd

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    I've used Davina's DVD's in the past and found them to be at a medium level, i.e. I could complete the DVD in one go and still be able to talk but feel like I'd done a workout. So I wrongly assumed all her DVD's would be the same....but no, this workout made 30-day shred easy !!! I completed the warm-up which was quite long for a warm-up and felt more like the beginning of the proper workout, but I soon realised why when I moved onto the cardio section...which contained an awful lot of jumping jacks...the move I detest the most.


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    I gave up....out of breath and lacking energy...however I was laughing along with it - if you've used Davina's DVD's before the trio (Davina and her two coaches) have a giggle, plus the moves were fun to do in a way - I reckon if it wasn't for the jumping jacks I would have done more.

    This made me think about what you should eat before a workout. Today, I've been doing one of those silly days where you try to limit the damage caused by overeating and it's weigh-in I've had mainly soup or hot drinks, no wonder I didn't have the energy to keep with the pace. I'll go for a walk later though - it's a lovely evening and I've not been out of the house in two days.

    UPDATE: I did go for my walk, just a stroll really but surprised with the calorie burn