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  1. Exercise I've done this week - W/C 7th August 2015

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    So the start of my week for exercise is a Friday, because I get weighed on a thursday night and begin my new week Friday morning, so it makes sense

    Friday 7th August 2015 - nothing

    Saturday 8th August 2015 - 1000 calorie workout, plus walked to work approx 30 minutes

    Sunday 9th August 2015 - walked home from work approx 30 minutes and walked to work approx 30 minutes

    Monday 10th August 2015 - 1000 calories workout, walked home from work approx 30 minutes and walked to work approx 30 minutes

    Tuesday 11th August 2015 - nothing

    Wednesday 12th August 2015 - Approx 10-15 minutes of Davina's DVD, and a 28 minute walk

  2. Exercise Tips

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    This post will be handy for me too, so I can remind myself on useful things to help with exercise. These are all things I have tried myself and recommend. Feel free to comment any tips you think I should try

    1. When drinking during the day, use a 250-300ml glass, that way you'll have to get up off the sofa or desk to get more water

    2. Don't push yourself too hard when exercising, learn what your limits are and regular exercise will have increase your fitness so you can do the harder stuff. Pushing yourself can likely lead to injury or giving up easily...avoiding doing exercise for a while.

    3. Once an exercise gets easy for you, you need to make it harder....easy exercise for your both will just maintain your weight and not really help with burning fat.

    4. Don't do the same exercise week in, week out if you want to lose weight. Your body will get used to the routine and losing weight may slow down. See my pinterest board for ideas on different exercises and you can follow my weekly exercise posts where I'll report what I've been doing.

    5. Don't exercise on an empty stomach, I've tried before when I've woken up and the hunger pains start halfway through workout, which I then have to abandon because I feel sick and I'm more likely to raid the fridge whilst cooking breakfast.

    6. When watching tv, during the ad breaks get up and do something active e.g. march on the spot, job on the spot, take the rubbish out, take that pile of ironing upstairs etc's actually a good way to do those little jobs around the house without taking up your time.