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  1. Cadbury's Marvellous Creations Ice Cream

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    I was so excited when I spotted this new range of ice creams in Asda. Yes it's still a little chilly to be eating ice cream...but I had a sore throat so cough cough I had to try it for medicinal purposes of course.

    I bought this version: Candyfloss and chocolate flavour ice creams, swirled with milk chocolate, pink sugar crunch, sugar coated jelly pieces and mini marshmallows. £2.49

    dairy milk icecream

    I was a little disappointed with the chocolate ice cream, it wasn't really that chocolately...bit like cheap chocolate ice cream, but the candy floss flavour ice cream was yummy with the pink sugar crush...tiny peices so that it doesn't overpower the icecream. The jelly pieces were a bit of an odd texture, I think because I thought they would be a bit hard and chewy being in ice cream, but the marshmallows were perfect....actual mini marshallows and not just pieces. Overall, not bad but I think my tastes lean towards salted caramel and really chocolately ice cream.

    My rating: 3/5

    Would I eat it again? Yes

    Would I buy it again? No