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  1. Still wearing my baggy clothes

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    Even though I've lost 2st 6.5lb so far on Slimming World, I'm still wearing my regular clothes even though they are far too baggy. I suppose because I've lost this weight in only 10 weeks, my brain hasn't caught up with how much my body has changed.

    I have only bought one new pair of leggings and even they are getting baggy. Last year I organised my wardrobe and trunks by size, and I found 9 different sizes of clothing range from size 10 (lol) to size 26. Right now depending on the type of clothing I'm a 22-24.

    My Slimming World leader uploaded a poster to our Facebook group today about bringing the clothes that no longer fit you to group and it can all be donated to Cancer Research UK, a charity that Slimming World supports.


    I think this is a great idea, not just to finally declutter and let go of those clothes that hide my figure, but I do like doing my bit for charity. Here's what I'm going to do starting Monday 23rd March...go through my wardrobe and bag any clothes which are too big for me, list them for sale on my local 'Things for sale' Facebook group. If they haven't sold by the time my leader needs them, then it can all go to charity.

    Talking of charity, I'm raising money myself for The Brain Tumour Charity. My goal from 9th Jan-9th July was to lose 2st. Well if you've been reading my progress you'll know I hit that target a few weeks ago, so I've added another stone to the goal. To donate please visit my BT Donate page here: