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Category: Slimming World Recipes & Friendly Food

  1. Summer Doesn't Mean Lettuce, Lettuce & Lettuce

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    So it's officially summer with the heatwaves and when it's this hot you don't really want eat much and when you are hungry you want something cooling. Salads are an ideal lunch to take to work or have for dinner but they don't have to be just lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Today for lunch I have pasta (cooled), onion, tomato, olive, mixed beans and spinach and ricotta pesto.

  2. NEW Canderel Sugarly Sweetener

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    As a Slimming World fan, sweetener is a great syn free alternative to sugar, but now Canderel have introduced a new version which claims to be the closest thing to sugar as sugar.

    I was able to obtain a couple of samples and although the appearance and texture is of real sugar, there wasn't much of a sweet taste...however I would still recommend this new version to Slimming World fans as the appearance alone would trick your mind into thinking you were having the real deal, especially when adding to your bowl of strawberries.